Impressions of Asia

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Mosque of the Straits Mosque of the Straits
The Shrine The Shrine
Streets of Manila Streets of Manila
The Market The Market
The Street Market The Street Market
Fleeting Hanoi Fleeting Hanoi
The Fishing Village The Fishing Village
The Thousand Shrines The Thousand Shrines
Sunrise over the Lagoon Sunrise over the Lagoon
The Wall of Jinshanling The Wall of Jinshanling
Land of a Thousand Temples Land of a Thousand Temples
Hopes and Dreams Hopes and Dreams
The Dragons Wall The Dragons Wall
Temple of the Mahayana Temple of the Mahayana
Layers of Cambulo Layers of Cambulo
Daigo Temple Daigo Temple
The Parade The Parade
The Terraces The Terraces
The Bamboo Path The Bamboo Path
The Sacred Forest The Sacred Forest
The Lost Kingdom The Lost Kingdom
Angkor Wat Angkor Wat
Into Ta Prohm Into Ta Prohm
The Ruins of Ta Prohm The Ruins of Ta Prohm
Prembanan Towering Prembanan Towering
Bamboo Forest Bamboo Forest
Life amongst the Temples Life amongst the Temples
Wall of Bayon Wall of Bayon
The Holy Mountain The Holy Mountain
Deep Inside the Temple Deep Inside the Temple